Wyandotte Public Schools’ first school house was called the “Old Brown School House” built in 1855.  Wyandotte has had up to 11 smaller elementary schools in its history.  We now have 4 elementary schools, one middle school, one high school and three "Center" schools which serve the whole Downriver community's special needs population.  Most of our schools are named after U.S. Presidents accept for JoBrighton Skills Center (Named after a teacher in our district)

Old brown school

Since 1855 our schools have educated young people through world wars, race and cultural issues and economic highs and lows. As a result of never settling for anything but the best educational experience Downriver, we have families that have kept their young people in our schools for generations. Also, there are folks who now drive from neighboring towns because of our award-winning programs. 

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Welcome to our Schools!

Providing the best educational environment Downriver since 1855!