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Thank you for visiting our website to find out more about Wyandotte Public Schools!  As Superintendent of Schools and a parent, I have fallen in love with this community and know you will too.

At a recent conference, I was able to hear Dr. Casas, who is a nationally known presenter.  He had us identify our core beliefs as educators.  In reflection of my years as a math teacher, high school principal, and now the leader within Wyandotte, it was easy. I quickly identified my three core beliefs - hope, best practices, and relationships.  I have hope for every child no matter the background or learning style.  I believe in using research-based best practices that have been proven to be successful. Last but not least, strong relationships are essential.

I am also a parent with three children (Blake, Katie and Samantha) and they attend Wyandotte Public Schools.  We drive to school each morning, which gives me a chance to see the world through their eyes.  Their activities enable me to network with other parents and immerse myself in what it is like to be a parent who lives in the district.

We are blessed in Wyandotte in being able to provide a welcoming environment which is rich in learning. Safety is a priority as are anti-bullying measures.  Within a short period of time, you will feel our deep traditions and strong family values. Come and be a part of our school community!  My cell is listed below, as well as my email - feel free to reach out to me at any time.

We are Wyandotte!

Catherine M. Cost, Ed.D.
248.763.0028 (cell)

Past Letters

June, 2018

Happy summer to our WPS families!

Your child selected “Wyandotte Reads” books for the summer, with the goal of each student reading 20 minutes a day, all summer long. Why is this so important?

In the graphic, you will see the number of words a student can be exposed to as well as the difference reading can make on standardized tests. While this refers to a whole school year, we know reading over the summer makes a similar difference!

Run out of books? No problem! Our elementary media centers and the Roosevelt LMC are open every Wednesday morning during the summer 9am – 12 pm. Bacon Library is another great resource for families and is open 10 am – 9 pmMon through Thurs.; and10 am – 5 pm, Fri & Sat.

Have a fun summer! We will see you in September!


Wyandotte Public Schools is a great place to be!

In February, 2015, voters approved a $39 million dollar bond issue that allowed us to make improvements in infrastructure, security, technology, andparking, along with 2 additions and a state of the art stadium. Within 18 months, we are completing the last of these projects.

The community supported this initiative from the start and it has been an effort that truly benefits our students. Come and see some of the differences!

New heating units and boilers were installed in many schools, to ensure during the winter months our classrooms can maintain a comfortable temperature.

New windows at Garfield and Washington Elementary Schoolsprohibitthe cold air from coming in and allowstudents the ability to gaze out.

Computer labs have touch screen capability and allow students to quickly and easily retrieve information. Our goal is by 2020 to have a device available for every child – also called 1-to-1.

If you have children in our schools, drop off and parking can be tricky. Two new lots were installed and the huge potholes in our existing lots are gone.

Our schools are one step closer to being safer, as guests must now be buzzed into the main office of each school. This is the new welcome center at Roosevelt High Schoolthat greets each visitor.

A new cafeteria at Washington Elementary School and a new auxiliary gym at Wilson Middle School provide space that is accessible to all students.


Last but not least, the entire field, track, bleachers, scoreboard, pressbox and tennis courts at the RHS Athletic Field are finished! What an improvement for our athletic teams as well as the marching band, not to mention those that utilize the ramps and handrails in our bleachers.


All of this makes a tremendous difference to our students. They now can excel insafe, state of the art learning environments. I am grateful to live in a community that overwhelmingly supports our schools and ultimately, our students. Thank you! Thank you!


June, 2016

I see why Wyandotte is called “home” for families of so many generations. Schools have changed a great deal, since the first high school class graduated from Roosevelt High School in 1923, but the community hasn’t changed a bit.

In February, 2015 a $39 million dollar bond referendum was passed, which provided for many upgrades to each campus. This community has a strong tradition of supporting our schools, and what a difference this has made! In just over a year, the construction is nearly finished.

Installed first was new mechanical equipment so our schools could remain warm during the winter months. New roofs were constructed to keep every classroom dry. New security cameras and safe entrances were built in order to provide another layer of safety for our students.

Next were new windows, new lighting, a new cafeteria at Washington and a new gym at Wilson. Over 6,200 computers were also purchased so students could easily gain access to online resources.

The last phase involves new upgrades to our stadium with new turf, new track, new bleachers, and a new scoreboard. Finally, new tennis courts are being built, that will include new lighting as well.

The result of all this, are great opportunities for our students and community members who use our facilities. Thank you, Wyandotte, for providing our children with the best resources to learn.

Catherine M. Cost, Ed.D.


June 26, 2015


Thank you for visiting our website and taking time to learn more about our schools. Becoming the Superintendent of Wyandotte Public Schools just a year ago, I too had a great deal to learn.

Over the past year, I have had the chance to see all of the remarkable things our staff provide in our classrooms, auditoriums and athletic fields. Having been in many districts before, I can attest the experience here in Wyandotte is different.

You might ask how? What I first learned was there is something about Wyandotte that draws graduates back to their hometown. There is an immense amount of pride about growing up in Wyandotte and staying or returning here. That builds an enormous sense of community that is unparalleled. For example, during the holidays, thousands of donations are collected to make sure no family goes without. Having seen recipients cry at the sight of wrapped presents and food for a special dinner, made a lasting impression on me.

This last year has also given me the chance to connect with community leaders. Mayor Peterson is so committed to continuing the strong relationship between the city and the school district. This does not happen in every community. The members of Rotary welcomed me and their many events raised funds to strengthen our community. Restaurants have graciously donated to numerous programs and I have so enjoyed having lunch at Nanna's Kitchen, R.P. McMurphy's or the Cheesesteak Institute of America (CIA).

June brought graduations at our Center Programs, that service students with special needs, and at Roosevelt High School. In talking with students, they spoke to my heart when they said there is a place for every student. No matter the passion, talents or desire, Wyandotte is fortunate enough to have a wide variety of classes, clubs, music groups and athletic teams that suit every child.

My children and I are now residents of Wyandotte. I wanted them to grow up appreciating all of these attributes and being a part of a community that so deeply cares about each other. Blake is now practicing with the Wyandotte Indians Football Team; Samantha is a member of a Downriver Soccer Team; and Katie is actively looking for a barn nearby to continue riding horses. I will enjoy walking downtown, attending 3rd Fridays and acclimating myself to the community that has touched my heart.

If I am welcomed this way, I know you will be too. Welcome to Wyandotte! Welcome home.


Catherine M. Cost, Ed.D.



November 24, 2014

What it means to be Thankful

By now, the first day of school is a distant memory. Our students come to school each day eager to learn and have demonstrated great growth. The Marching Chiefs and the Bears finished their fall seasons; we celebrated Halloween; RHS Drama presented "Check Please" which was enjoyed by many; and the first snow of the season surprised all of us. Thanksgiving is a welcomed breather for everyone.

In light of this, I wanted to take a glimpse of what this holiday meant through the eyes of our students. While in schools last week, I asked various students what it meant to be thankful. I think you will smile at the responses I was given.

One wise pre-school student responded: "It means to say thank you". A very confident 3rd grader said being thankful meant: "Be glad with what you have". When I asked a Wilson Middle School student, she smiled and commented it was "To be grateful for everything in your life, even if it isn't all that great sometimes". A young man who is a RHS Senior and headed off to college next year told me it was "Being appreciative of your family, friends and all that has been provided for you".

All four highlighted a different part of Thanksgiving, and together they paint a great picture of what this holiday means - be glad, grateful, appreciative and of course, say thank you. Enjoy your time with friends and family and we will see you in December.


Catherine M. Cost, Ed.D.


Dear Families, July 1, 2014

On behalf of the District, welcome to Wyandotte Public Schools! I am fortunate to serve this District as Superintendent, within a community that strongly supports academics, fine arts, and athletics. With rich traditions of excellence, Wyandotte is a magnificent place for families to live and grow.

In time you will see the "Wyandotte Way" means educating, inspiring, and empowering every student. Through rigorous curricular offerings and many enrichment and elective opportunities, our students excel. Our dedicated and knowledgeable staff members support students so that each and every student can reach high levels of achievement.

Wyandotte's reputation for being an outstanding school district is well established. Whether in a classroom, on a stage, or at an athletic event, we develop character, strengthen our community, and achieve success. It is my pleasure to invite you to see all of the wonderful opportunities Wyandotte Public Schools has to offer our students. Thank you for visiting our website and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at or 734-759-6002.


Catherine M. Cost, Ed.D.

Catherine Cost sitting at her desk


Thanks so much for visiting my page. Even though I gave you some information about myself, if you still have questions please feel to call or email me. I look forward to seeing you soon.