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Thank you for visiting my page. After reading my introduction below, if you still have questions please feel free to call or email me. I look forward to meeting you!


Thank you for visiting our website to find out more about Wyandotte Public Schools!  As the Superintendent of Schools and a parent, I have fallen in love with this community and know you will too.

At a recent conference, I was able to hear Dr. Casas, who is a nationally known presenter.  He had us identify our core beliefs as educators.  In reflection of my years as a math teacher, high school principal, and now the leader within Wyandotte, it was easy. I quickly identified my three core beliefs - hope, best practices, and relationships.  I have hope for every child no matter the background or learning style.  I believe in using research-based best practices which have been proven to be successful. Last but not least, strong relationships are essential.

I am also a parent with three children (Blake, Katie and Samantha) and they attend Wyandotte Public Schools.  We drive to school each morning, which gives me a chance to see the world through their eyes.  Their activities enable me to network with other parents and immerse myself in what it is like to be a parent who lives in the district.

We are blessed in Wyandotte in being able to provide a welcoming environment which is rich in learning. Safety is a priority as are anti-bullying measures.  Within a short period of time, you will feel our deep traditions and strong family values. Come and be a part of our school community!  My cell is listed below, as well as my email.  Please feel free to reach out to me at any time.

We are Wyandotte!

Catherine M. Cost, Ed.D.
248.763.0028 (cell)

August 26, 2021 - Letter to Parents-Masking (PDF) (1PP, 175.72)