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Roosevelt High School
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Jeff Trudell, Technology Director

Jeff Trudell
Technology Director


Lynn Kearney
Student Info System/Tech Help Desk Coor.


Angela Warren
Admin. Assistant

District Tech Coach Steve Szumanski

Steve Szumanski
Instructional Technology Coach 

Ronny Sheeler

Ronny Sheeler Jr.
Network and Core Services Administrator

Tech Sam Williams

Sam Williams
Chromebook Technician

Kevin Wright

Kevin Wright
Network Technician

For tech assistance, please contact us in the Technology Department at
734-759-5061 or

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Technology Services is focused on making sure that all members of our District community have the resources and skills necessary to use technology to improve instruction, learning, and student achievement.  Our technical staff supports our high-speed network, technologies like Chromebooks, interactive projectors, instructional labs, computers in the classroom, and a lot of behind-the-scene tools that keep things running smoothly. 

From electric pencil sharpeners to computer-based PH probes, technology services supports teachers in integrating the appropriate technology to increase student achievement.  Technology is not just about the acquisition of facts, technical skills, and completed projects.  Students should be engaged with technology across the curriculum and throughout their core subjects, K-12 education.  Learning with and about technology prepares learners to live responsibly in a democratic, technologically sophisticated society.  Student interactions with technology should promote higher order thinking skills, "deep knowledge", and connections to the world beyond the classroom.

Jeff Trudell
Technology Director