Welcome to Wilson Middle School

We are proud to introduce you to Wilson Middle School, located in the family-centered community of Wyandotte, MI.  

Our school, and all the schools in our District, work hard to create positive learning environments that focus on student achievement (both academic and social).  Our schools strive to educate, empower, and inspire all students today and every day so they can be successful, even beyond their school years.  At Wilson Middle School, we pride ourselves on offering a wide variety of academic and elective classes as well as a multitude of programs, clubs, and activities that meet the needs and interests of ALL students.

At Wilson we are helping our students develop GROWTH MINDSETS.  We want to inspire our students to believe that hard work can pay off.  Instead of saying things like “I can’t do that” or “I don’t know that,” we would rather they say, “I can’t do that YET” or “I can learn this with hard work.”  The brain is a muscle that grows with exercise!  We want students to know, and truly believe, that they are capable of anything if they are willing to put forth the required effort.  We also want them to know that mistakes are opportunities to learn and grow.  (Mistakes do not make us failures, they make us smarter!)

As a staff, we are working hard to establish effective Professional Learning Communities, where teachers effectively collaborate with their peers about best practices (teaching strategies), data results/use, assessments, and academic standards, always keeping student growth and achievement in the forefront of our efforts.

We look forward to another great school year here at Wilson Middle School!

Carol Makuch

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                                                    Mission Statement


Our Mission is to educate and inspire ALL students to be their personal best, while providing them with the skills and confidence that will empower them to be successful.

                                                     Vision Statement

Our Vision is... Developing Character, Strengthening  Community, Achieving Success


Our VALUES support our vision and are reflected in our COLLECTIVE COMMITMENTS:

  • Deep implementation of PLC
  • Model, teach, and reinforce a growth mindset (students and staff)
  • Engage students
  • Build character and guide positive interpersonal skills and behavior
  • Use Best Practice teaching strategies (and keep current with data and best practices on an array of topics important to our profession)
  • Build strong relationships with students and parents

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