Earth Day - 2018

Earth Day - 2018
Repurposing is a trend that is gaining momentum among artists, crafters and DIYers. It is a sensible trend as the world grows we cannot continue to fill our landfills with refuse. For creative people, one man’s junk can be the inspiration for a masterwork or on a more basic level and affordable way to create something needed or appreciated.

For Earth Day 2018 at The Lincoln Center each classroom was invited to make a re-purposed earth day project from previously used materials that would otherwise have ended up in a landfill as waste. Each classroom had a spot in the TLC gym, to share their re-purposed artifact with the rest of the school. Students and staff voted for their favorite project! The final results of these student/staff driven projects were incredible!  With 100% participation by TLC classroom’s the Earth Day repurpose fair brought environmental awareness to all whole participated.  We look forward to do a similar project for Earth Day 2019! 



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