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Wyandotte Public Schools is pleased to provide NWEA (Northwest Evaluation Association) assessments for our students. NWEA assessments are national on-line computer-adaptive tests.  Students typically take NWEA assessments two or three times each school year in Reading, Mathematics, Language, and/or Science. Tests are self-paced an most students complete one subject’s testing in 30-60 minutes.  “Computer-Adaptive” means that each test is adjusted to each student as he or she is taking the test.  Students who show they can do more challenging work are provided more advanced or challenging questions as they answer these questions correctly.  Students who may struggle to answer questions at a particular level are provided questions at levels more appropriate to their ability.  This adjusting up and down throughout the test allows the NWEA assessments to provide a customized picture of each individual student’s performance.  Reports from these assessments are greatly beneficial to teachers whose classes often have a wide range of student performance levels and abilities.  This customization is helpful to parents and students as well, as they can readily see where the student is performing, whether above, below, or at grade level.

NWEA provides a number of resources for educators to assist in interpreting student and class scores, and to provide guidance for each student’s next steps in learning.  By assessing multiple time a year, year after year, a unique learning profile develops for each student.  Teachers, parents, and students can use this information to celebrate successes, to identify next steps in coursework, and to set clear goals for student learning.

The resources below gave been gathered to help answer a number of questions regarding the NWEA assessments, especially those around administering the assessments and interpreting the results.

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NWEA knowledge academy


Wyandotte's NWEA RIT Learning Continuum Checklist for Teachers

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Click these links for Reading K-2     3-5  

ELA/Math Rit Resources

ELA Resources External Link 

RittoResource External Link

Kahn Academy (math) External Link

2011 Normative Data Sheet PDF Document

Reports References PDF Document

Poway Unified School District in California has created extensive resources for teachers.

Click this link  External Link  for interpreting MAP data

Click this link  External Link for more resources

Click this link External Link for RIT goal range indicators

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