How VIPS Works


How VIPS works

As part of Wyandotte Public Schools’ effort to provide a safe environment for our students, staff, and volunteers, any person volunteering in any school must be annually approved to be a VIPS volunteer.

This means that they must:

  • complete and submit ONE Background Check form. The information will be entered into the Michigan State Police Internet Criminal History Access Tool (I-CHAT). The I-CHAT results will be received and reviewed by the Human Resources Office.  
  • read the VIPS Information and Volunteer Guidelines.
  • be approved to volunteer. The volunteer will be notified of their status.

A volunteer will not be approved if a volunteer’s I-CHAT results reveal a conviction record in the areas of:

  • assault and battery of a minor or mentally handicapped person,
  • criminal sexual conduct in all degrees involving a minor,
  • kidnapping of a minor,
  • distribution and trafficking of controlled substances, or
  • any felony, or intent to commit any of these crimes.

We understand that errors can occur; therefore, the volunteer can contact the Director of Human Resources and have an opportunity to resolve the issue.

Any volunteer who refuses to provide the necessary information for the Background Check will be excluded from volunteering in the district.

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