About Us

Our town started with The Wyandot Native Americans settling here in 1732.  The Village of Wyandotte was established in 1854 and it became a City in 1867.  It was named after the Wyandot Indian Tribe who had settled here before us.   The Wyandot Native Americans resettled in Kansas and Oklahoma where they still live today.

We are very proud of our Wyandotte Heritage.  We have a totem pole at the corner of Eureka and Biddle that was given to us by the Chief of the Tribe in 1971.   We also have our Wyandotte Marching Chief Band of students from Roosevelt High School.  They proudly wore the Tribal patch on their shoulders in the Inaugural Parade of President Barrack Obama with the full endorsement on Live Radio of Chief Bearskin from the Oklahoma Tribe.

The City of Wyandotte has recreational sports named “Warriors Hockey, Braves Baseball and Indians Football" to commemorate our heritage. 

Wyandotte is 5.3 square miles and the population according to the 2020 Census was 24,580 with 11,070 homes.  

Wyandotte Public Schools’ first school house was called the “Old Brown School House” built in 1856.  We now have 4 elementary schools, one middle school, one high school and 3 center programs, which provide services for special needs students from all over the Downriver area.


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639 Oak Street

The Early Childhood Center

The ECC began when it was housed in our high school in 2001. Currently we provide care for infants, toddlers, and 3 & 4 year-old preschool (free 4 year-old preschool for qualified families). The Director is Melissa Petty.

Garfield Elementary

Grades K-5. Built in 1933. The Principal is Jessica Kull.

Jefferson Elementary

Grades K-5. Built in 1950. The Principal is Crystal Eskin

Monroe Elementary

Grades K-5.  Built in 1956. The Principal is Whitney Schenavar.

Washington Elementary

Grades K-5.  Built in 1930. The Principal is Kristin McMaster.   

Wilson Middle School 

Grades 6-8.  Built in 1956.  The Principal is Carol Makuch and the Assistant Principal is Margarita Chami. They have a pool, and classes which include S.T.E.M., Science, Math and ELA.  A variety of clubs, athletics, and music opportunities which includes the only strings department downriver. 

Roosevelt High School 

Grades 9-12.  The Principal is Ben Reynolds and the Assistant Principals are Pat Hickey and Lisa Wojtowicz.  Built in 1923, with additions in 1962, 1975 and 2004. RHS has two gymnasiums, 
indoor track & university weight room, Olympic-sized pool, planetarium, library/media center, and the original auditorium from 1923. It has three floors, a science and mathematics wing, a music wing (vocal & instrumental), and a vocational education wing where auto, wood & metal shops are housed.


The Lincoln Center

Built in 1956 (formerly Taft Elementary School). This program services students ages 3 to 26 who are Moderately Impaired, Dually Diagnosed, and/or Autistic.  Providing community-based instruction, behavioral supports, transition services and social support services for students throughout the Downriver area.  The Program Administrator is Lauren Feigel.

JoBrighton Work Skills Center

Built in 1955 (formerly Lincoln Jr. High School).  This program services students ages 18 to 26 who are Moderately Impaired.  JoB is known for their Bakery with it's walk up window open to the public. They also have a dining room used for lunch by reservation. Their Work Skills Program  places students in employment positions throughout the Downriver area.  The Program Administrator is Katie Bradd. 

Madison Center

Built in 1955 (formerly Lincoln Jr. High School).  The program services students ages 3 to 26 who are Severely Multiply Impaired and they have Severe Cognitively Impaired Programs for their students. The Program Administrator is April Ritz.