Speech Therapy

Hello Families!

We are delighted to have the opportunity to work with children who need speech and language services throughout the district.  Speech and Language Pathologists (SLP) provide speech and language therapy for children from birth through high school age.  Direct services for children from birth to three, in the downriver area, are provided by the Teach Our Tots Early Program (T.O.T.E.) through the Woodhaven Community School District.  Children may be referred by their parents in the preschool years due to a delay in acquisition of speech or because people are unable to understand them.  If people cannot understand a three-year-old, it is a good idea for the child to be screened by a Speech and Language Therapist.  During the school years, the teacher will typically refer a student if the child's inability to communicate interferes with his or her educational performance.  Parents who have concerns related to their child's speech or language skills, please contact the Speech and Language Therapist in your child's building, or talk with your child's teacher.  For any child birth-preschool age, please contact the Special Education Department at (734)-759-6015 for further information.

Our mission and vision as Speech-Language Pathologists in this district is to enhance your child's speech and language skills in order to become effective communicators within their school and home communities.  Education and providing coaching to staff and parents is a priority for us to help student feel more confident with their speech and language growth.

We support and educational delivery model that differs from a clinical model in that the goals are designed to be functional, communicational, and adaptive for speech and language usage.

The following SLP staff have provided a short bio of their history and experiences:

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