Center Programs

  • The Lincoln Center - The Lincoln Center was established in 2000 and services students with Autism Spectrum Disorder that range from ages 5-26.  They also service students with Cognitive Impairment/Emotional Impairment that range from the ages 5-26, and from 17 downriver districts.   
  • Jo Brighton Skills Center - Jo Brighton Center is a program centered around preparing students for adult life.  With two parts to this  program, the middle school classrooms are part of Wilson Middle School and the High School classrooms which are part of Roosevelt High School.  The focus on this part of the program is curriculum tied to the common core essential elements.  The second part of the program is the skills center portion.  This is a program for students 18-26.  This program helps students become independent, gives students work site opportunities, extracurricular activities, and so much more to prepare them for their future.
  • Madison Center - Madison Center provides students ages 3-11 with Moderate Cognitive Impairments, students ages 3-26 with Severe Cognitive Impairments, and students ages 3-26 with Severe Multiple Impairments.  Madison Center provides all students with positive and meaningful learning experiences. 

The Lincoln Center

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Jo Brighton Skills Center

Madison Center