Curriculum and Instruction


My name is Jessica Shipman and I am the Instruction and Assessment Coordinator for Wyandotte Public Schools.  

Here is some information about myself to help you get to know a little about me. I started off as a teacher (lower elementary and middle school).   Additionally, I have served as an Instructional Technology Coordinator, PK-12 Curriculum Coordinator/Director, and K-12 Instructional Coach.   For the past couple of years my career has been focused on working with turnaround schools.  I worked with Priority and Focus schools to assist them in closing the achievement gap and increase student learning.  During this time, I traveled throughout Michigan, but predominately worked in the Grand Rapids area and the west side of the State of Michigan.  Meeting all of these great people and various schools, seeing how to deal with their unique struggles, and helping them to overcome challenges has really reignited my passion for education and reminded me why I love what I do. 

I am here to be of service to you and Wyandotte Public Schools.  I am excited to see what the upcoming school year brings, and I am looking forward to growing with all of you!  

Jessica Shipman
Instruction & Assessment Coordinator

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