District Procedure

To more adequately safeguard students and staff members, the Board of Education will require all individuals who volunteer to work with students, supervise field trips, or drive students/athletes, to submit to a criminal background check through the Michigan State Police ICHAT (Internet Criminal History Action Tool) search.

Volunteers (including paid coaches) who drive students/athletes will also need to provide a current driver license and proof of adequate, up-to-date vehicle insurance and registration.  Additionally, while providing transportation, they are required to obey all traffic laws and are prohibited from consuming any alcohol; as well as any drug that might impair driving performance or judgment.

Decisions regarding volunteers with criminal histories and/or driving/traffic convictions will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis taking into consideration whether or not listed offenses meet any of the mandatory non-employment offenses for Michigan school districts passed by State legislators.

Individuals, who have driving/traffic convictions dealing with alcohol and/or drugs within the past ten (10) years, will not be eligible to transport students.  

Individuals who have committed a felony, and/or who are required to register under the Michigan Sex Offenders Registration Act, or who have committed any crime involving the negligence or abuse of minors will not be permitted to volunteer.

Individuals who pass an ICHAT background check are not automatically granted the right to volunteer. Any individual denied the opportunity to volunteer based on his/her ICHAT results will not be entitled to appeal such denial to the Superintendent or the Board of Education.

All information and records obtained from such inquiries are to be considered confidential and shall not be released or disseminated to those not directly involved in evaluating the volunteer’s (or coach’s) suitability to volunteer/drive students for Wyandotte Public Schools.  Click below to access the form.

         Volunteer Form