Professional Development

New District Provided Professional Development Reporting Process for Educators

 What this means for educators:

 • Any DPPD accrued after June 30, 2020 will need to be entered by the district as SCECHs.
 • Educators will not be able to enter DPPD that takes place after June 30, 2020 into MOECS.
 • Educators will be allowed to continue to submit DPPD that occurred prior to July 1, 2020 into MOECS.
 • Past DPPD entered into MOECS may still be used by educators for recertification during their next renewal.
 • Any DPPD accrued prior to July 1, 2020 that is entered into the DPPD Log in MOECS must be printed out and approved by the district.
 • To receive the SCECH credit for DPPD after July 1, 2020, educators will need to complete the program evaluation surveys which are                  automatically generated after the district uploads participation. Once the survey is completed, the educator will receive SCECH credits           for the DPPD program in their MOECS account.
 • For any DPPD already entered into MOECS, educators must keep proof of participation in the program, including agendas. For any DPPD      after July 1, 2020, educators will no longer be required to keep documentation as districts must have that information.

  Wyandotte DPPD/SCECH Process:

• Staff will use the district-provided digital sign-in link to sign-in and out of DPPD to receive SCECHs. Each month the sign-in sheets will be      uploaded into MOECS. It is up to the teacher to log their PD using the links provided.  
• All information must be correct when signing in to receive SCECHs.   
• Teacher will log only 1 entry per day for all cumulative PD (PLCs and PD) on that date. For instance, you had a PLC from 9-10 and did a               building-wide PD from 1-3, you could enter PLC/PD-Celebrate Hope as the name and a length of 3 hours.  
• The length of professional development must match the length of the PD.
• Complete entries in a timely manner. PD should be logged in the month it took place. Starting December 1st, DPPD from August-                November will no longer be submitted into MOECS so staff MUST stay current when logging PD.

 Action Items To ensure SCECH credit for DPPD, educators may want to do the following:

• Ensure the accuracy of personal contact information in MOECS. Program evaluation survey notifications are sent to the email address             listed in MOECS.
• Regularly check MOECS for program evaluation surveys needing completion by clicking on “Complete SCECH Evaluations” on the MOECS     homepage.

DPPD/SCECH Digital Sign-In Links:









MDE DPPD: What Qualifies for Professional Development

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