How to Apply


District Vacancies:

Applications for district vacancies are to be submitted online through the Wayne County Schools Employment Network, unless otherwise noted. It is important that you upload a complete employment packet with your application so district administrators may review all of your credentials while screening applications. An employment packet consists of the completed application, letter of intent, resume, transcripts, teacher certificate or license, and reference letters.

Double check your application packet to look for typos, spelling mistakes, and missing credentials before submitting. The online application allows you to update your application as needed. It is important that your application be up to date when you submit it for consideration. Be sure it contains your current mailing address, phone number(s), and email address.

Applications for Future Consideration:

Applications for positions that are not currently available in the district may be submitted to the Wayne County Schools Employment Network applicant pool. You only need to complete your application one time to apply to numerous positions in the county. You should review your application before applying to a specific position to make sure you have submitted all the information required for that particular position or district. Please visit the website frequently as it is your responsibility to link your application to any postings for which you wish to be considered.