Winter Sports

2018-2019 Winter Sports Schedules 

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Basketball - Boys 7th & 8th Grades

Basketball - Boys
7th Grade - Coach Rico Pascuzzi
8th Grade - Coach Dave Cramton

Basketball - Girls 7th & 8th Grades

Basketball - Girls
7th Grade - Coach Ron Adams
8th Grade - Coach Dave Cramton

Competitive Cheer

Cheer - Coach Erica Queen

Swim - Boys & Girls

Boys & Girls Swim - Coaches Jose Manzella & Jared Charette & Volunteer Dave Maloney


Wrestling - Coach Rich Glodowski & Asst. Coaches Doug Ashley, Joe Deichelbohrer, Eric Gray, Jeff Maloney  


Basketball - Boys Freshmen, Jr. Varsity & Varsity

Basketball - Boys
Freshmen - Coach Scott Nagy & Volunteer Wesley Watt
Junior Varsity -  Coach David Hardy & Volunteer DeAnte Etheridyi
Varsity  - Coach Joseph McKinney & Assistant Coaches Winston Cannon & Volunteer James McKinney

Basketball - Girls Freshmen, Jr. Varsity & Varsity

Basketball - Girls
Freshmen - Coach Amanda Thomas & Volunteer Anne Goudy
Junior Varsity - Coach Joseph Greene 
Varsity - Coach Ron Adkins & Asst. Coach Jason Tarrence & Volunteer Phil Nagorski

Bowling - Boys & Girls

Boys & Girls - Coach Ken Montroy (Boys) & Coach Marty Janeski (Girls)

Competitive Cheer - Jr. Varsity & Varsity

Competitive Cheer - visit our website
Varsity - Coach Bobbie Lafreniere & Asst. Coach Elissa Cumiskey
Junior Varsity - Coaches Jessica Burton & Jacklyn Kiger

Hockey - Varsity

Varsity - Coach Mike Quint & Asst. Coach Joseph Quint, Matt Siewniak, Kevin Butler, Barry Goudy

Swimming & Diving - Boys Varsity

Swimming - Boys
Varsity Swim & Diving - Swim Coach Sue Alt & Diving Coach Sam Randazzo & Assistant Swim Coach Dave Trusewicz

Wrestling - Jr. Varsity & Varsity

Wrestling - Boys
Junior Varsity - Coaches Chris Puckett & Evan Guffey & Assistant Coach Drew Morias and Volunteer Bradford Banks
Varsity - Coach Brett Greene & Asst. Coaches Jason Carpenter & Keith Wanamaker

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