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Wyandotte Public Schools are committed to a healthy, safe, and secure school environment.  It is our goal to provide parents with supportive information to ensure that all students are performing
at their optimal level. We have provided helpful links and other important information regarding the welfare of our
student population.



It is important for the welfare of the whole student body to be diligent when
it comes to head lice.

In the event your child has head lice, please report it immediately to their school office.  The school will then notify the Health Aide.  In order for the student to return to school, they must have a signed release from the Health Aide.  You should obtain this by taking your child to the Board of Education, 639 Oak Street, Wyandotte, between 7:30 - 8:30 am, in session school days.  The Health Aide will perform another check in 10 days to ensure there are no further live lice.

You may also leave a message at (734) 759-6004 if unavailable.

PDF DocumentHead Lice Manual - Individual Links
PDF DocumentHead Lice Manual - Full

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