Operations and Transportation

Operations and Transportation

March, 2016
After two independent companies took samples and tested for lead in the water at all of our buildings, we've come across results that were well below EPA Guidelines levels of lead allowed in drinking water.  Copies of the reports are available in our Operations Office at the Board of Education.  If you have questions, please contact Bernie Bowers at 734.759.6017 or bowersb@wy.k12.mi.us .

The lead drinking water final report can be found here.



The functions of the Operations Department include custodial services, building and grounds maintenance, special education student transportation, school safety and facility use. 

Bernie Bowers
Director of Operations

                                                           ASBESTOS NOTIFICATION

The Wyandotte School District staff has been working with a certified asbestos consultant to comply with the AHERA regulations. In accordance with Section 763.93(g) (4) of the Federal Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act of 1986 (AHERA), Wyandotte School District is required to take definite steps regarding asbestos containing materials in school facilities.

The purpose of this federal law is to provide protection of the public's health, especially employees and those who are school age (grades K-12) from the hazards of asbestos which include mesothelioma, lung cancer, and asbestosis.

All Wyandotte School District facilities have been inspected by a certified asbestos inspector for asbestos containing materials. The inspection reports have been reviewed and management plans prepared for each facility.

An Asbestos Management Plan for each facility is on file in each respective school building office. Copies of Management Plans for all Wyandotte

School District facilities are available at the Operations Department, 639 Oak Street, Wyandotte, MI 48192.

If asbestos containing material is present in the building, specific plans for regular inspections, monitoring, and removal are contained in the management plan. These plans and all related materials are available for review by staff, students, parents and the general public.

Questions related to the implementation of the AHERA regulations may be directed to Bernie Bowers, Director of Operations, at 734-759-6020.








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